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Hollingsworth Announces Corporate Rebranding

May 6, 2020

Hollingsworth message on COVID-19

We have now all seen plans from various states about the different strategies for reopening. We continue to monitor the situation very closely and we are ensuring our operations are both compliant and most importantly safe. With most of our operations continuing to run throughout this crisis, it’s really more about continuing the great efforts of all of Hollingsworth employees, maintaining a very safe work environment across all our sites. We are really proud and appreciate everyone pulling together at this time.

Since our last message on April 23, and as we have done since the start of this pandemic, we continue to add and improve measures across our business. We continue to further develop and improve our corporate response protocol and as with everyone in the world, we are developing and deploying the blueprint for how the new normal will be for business into the future.

Some updates and initiatives being deployed since our last message include:

  • Although we have received over 20,000 disposable masks from our suppliers and distributed the required amounts to sites for now, we still see challenges in the supply chain for the foreseeable future, specifically with most states now requiring mandatory face masks for employees.
  • To counter the challenges above, we have employed a group of seamstresses to sew fabric, reusable masks for all employees. The supply has started with the initial 500 masks being delivered. We should receive another 1,500 over the next couple of weeks and more to come after that.
  • We will continue with administering COVID-19 health surveys and temperature checks daily for all employees nationwide. We have also extended and require health surveys and temperature checks to all drivers and visitors prior to entering the premises.
  • Our Site Mask Competition generated a lot of attention, awareness and creativity for everyone. We had great submissions that are being considered for awards. Some examples in the image below:

hollingsworth mask collage horizontal

We welcome other ideas to help keep Hollingsworth a safe place to work. If you have any ideas, please e-mail them to the marketing team.

Thank you for all that you do.

Additional COVID-19 Announcements and Information:

Hollingsworth Safety Logo

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