Delivering Integrated Services and Solutions

With systems that ‘talk’ to each other and blend together on function, our clients are set up for far more success. The complexities involved with effective manufacturing and distribution require integration to ensure that fulfillment is correct, timely, and cost-efficient. Small mistakes or delays can lead to significant costs, so reliability is key.

As the leading provider of proven-successful services for manufacturing and distribution, Hollingsworth integrates the various solutions we offer to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and dependable support. From your customers’ purchase to receipt of your product, Hollingsworth is a single-stop solution for supply chain optimization.

We offer inbound distribution as well as flexible warehousing to support our customers with fulfillment, distribution, packaging, assembly and sequencing, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and freight management. Our best-in-class SAP technologies help to streamline operations and reduce costs.

With distribution centers all over the world in strategic locations, our customized order fulfillment services offer a near-limitless solution for our customers, regardless of industry or size. Exceed your customers’ expectations and outperform your competition with our tactical and unique SAP solutions, improved delivery times and reduced shipping rates. What’s more, Hollingsworth fulfillment packages are designed to be scalable, so that we can support your operations as you grow.

  • ERP Integration
  • Reporting and Inventory Visibility
  • Direct/Drop Ship Services

Experience the most efficient product assembly services, with the ability to support light- to complex manufacturing capacity that’s implemented with Hollingsworth’s best-in-class systems and processes. From light assembly to the most complex logistical challenges, we offer full support and excellent service. Our program management also enables you to run leaner, more on-trend inventory systems to more rapidly adjust to changing market demands.

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Decreased lead time on key systems and components
  • Freed-up inventory and production line space
  • Minimized storage space

Aside from assembly, packaging may be the most expensive and complex aspect of your company’s order fulfillment. Cost-effective, high-quality and industry-best packaging solutions are available with Hollingsworth’s proven contract packaging options.

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Improve parts availability
  • Increase productivity and work throughput
  • Minimize storage space

When it comes to supporting your manufacturing and shipping enterprises, inventory storage can make or break your process. Detailed organization, streamlined procedures and warehousing that’s optimized for the most efficient movement of inventory are all very important to reduce costs and keep inventory moving smoothly. Our turnkey solutions for inventory and warehouse management has been tested in a variety of industries, and has proven its value and efficiency time and time again.

  • Inventory Management
  • Infrastructure

All aspects of effective distribution, from bar coding to auto packaging, Hollingsworth is your proven partner for distribution services. Originally established in June of 1998, Hollingsworth’s fastener distribution services focus on small parts supply chain management and packaging for direct shipments to our customers’ dealers and PDCs located throughout North America. We offer lot tracking, bar coding, consolidation of orders and/or shipments, and prioritization of urgent orders when needed. Our fastener distribution services also provide wide range of packaging options including kit assembly, auto packaging, and bulk or unitized packaging.

Hollingsworth distribution and packaging service is supported by best-in-class logistics support systems such as Power Buyer, which employs an automated follow-up module, vendor performance tracking integrated fax/e-mail, and executive information reporting. A.N.S.I. and UN- Edifact EDI transactions are also supported. We also utilize a fully integrated operating system supported by SAP.


Focus on your customers’ needs, without having to worry about the hassle and complexities of program or inventory management. By partnering with us, you can expect effective inventory maintenance with the best possible service for optimal efficiency and results.

  • EDI Forecasting and planning
  • Increased processing speed
  • Improved quality
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