Hollingsworth uses sophisticated SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology to manage every aspect of the supply chain process. Since its implementation in 2003, leading SAP ERP has been fully integrated and capable of addressing complex supply chain management scenarios for any demanding customer — regardless of industry and business requirements. Our SAP implementation has gone through many major and minor upgrades, and is ready to provide you with an unparalleled level of visibility and insight into your daily operations.

Additionally, an agile, robust, and flexible IT infrastructure enables rapid solution deployment to support new and changing business demands.

Our SAP ERP Capabilities

Sales and Order Management:

  • Capability for full EDI
  • Discrete release order handling
  • Cumulative order quantity
  • Comprehensive sales order validation and verification
  • Detailed order acknowledgement
  • Advanced order requirement scheduling
  • Order requirement planning
  • Material availability and scheduling
  • Back order management and rescheduling
  • Integrated customer return management

Logistics Execution and Delivery Processing:

  • Customer order combination
  • Outbound hazardous material processing
  • Global trade services
  • Customer-specific documentations and outputs
  • Rush order management
  • Customer-specific packing instructions
  • Loading verification
  • Proof of delivery processing
  • Advance shipping notifications

Transportation Management:

  • Multi-carrier support
  • Fully integrated parcel processing (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.)
  • Interactive parcel tracking
  • Customer-specific transportation routing guide
  • EDI-enabled freight tendering
  • Multi-stage and multi-leg shipment planning
  • Shipment cost planning
  • Container optimization
  • Route optimization

Manufacturing Execution System:

  • Total electronic work instruction
  • Image-enabled production verification
  • Electronic production work center
  • Real-time production data collection
  • Real-time production metrics and standards
  • Production workforce management
  • Integrated quality management
  • Production equipment integration
  • Real-time production yield reporting

Procurement and Purchasing:

  • Complete procure-to-pay solution
  • RFQs, quotations, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, scheduling agreements, and contracts
  • Vendor release management
  • Material interchangeability and supersession
  • Evaluated receipt settlement
  • Vendor evaluation
  • SAP-enabled vendor portal
  • PO acknowledgement processing
  • Inbound delivery ASN processing
  • Service procurement

Quality Management:

  • Full integration with warehouse management, inventory management, procurement, and production planning
  • Extensive quality inspection planning tools
  • Multiple quality inspection methodologies
  • Official quality certification and recording
  • Quality notifications
  • Visual quality control using material images and electronic task lists
  • Test equipment management
  • Vendor quality evaluations

Customer Service:

  • Call center management through our customer interaction center
  • Customer complaint tracking
  • Solution knowledge base
  • Customer case management
  • Credit and billing management
  • SAP-enabled customer portal

Warehouse Management:

  • Integrated or decentralized warehouse
  • Full barcode/RFID capabilities
  • Task and resource management
  • Full tracking of all material movements
  • Storage unit management
  • FIFO, LIFO, shelf life, and customer-specific material handling requirements
  • Integrated automatic cycle counting methods
  • WM integrated batch management
  • Cross-docking
  • Warehouse-enabled value-added services
  • Full integration with delivery processing, inventory management, production planning, and quality management
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Automatic material replenishment

Production Planning:

  • MTS, MTO, KANBAN, and other industry standard production planning methodologies
  • Fully integrated with customer sales and order management, inventory management, quality management, and warehouse management
  • Batch tracking-enabled
  • Multi-level BOM and routing
  • Shop floor control
  • Capacity requirement planning
  • Production scheduling
  • Material availability and missing parts management
  • Engineering change management

Inventory Management and Control:

  • Batch management with batch classification
  • Batch level material characteristics
  • Customer consigned inventory
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Full traceability of goods movements using material documents and movement types
  • Cycle counts and physical inventory
  • Stock determination
  • Handling unit management
  • Returnable packaging management
  • Material reservations

Material Requirements Planning:

  • Fully integrated requirement transfer
  • Customer dependent and independent demand management
  • Traditional and new comprehensive planning strategies
  • Sales and operations planning (SOP)
  • Distribution resource planning (DRP)
  • System-driven procurement proposals
  • Comprehensive forecasting models
  • Extensive MRP evaluation tools

Information Systems Reporting:

  • Procurement information system
  • Production information system
  • Logistics information system
  • Thousands of standard and custom reports
  • Drilldown and interactive reporting
  • Standardized reporting interface
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Scheduled reports
  • Multiple export formats
  • Email-enabled reports
  • SAP customer/vendor portals

Seamless B2B Integration

We have a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to assist with business systems integration. Regardless of what technology you use, you can always count on seamless integration between our SAP solutions and your back-end operations.

Here are a few of the standards we currently use and support:

  • Industry standard specification, including ANSI X12, UN/EDIFACT, SAP IDOCs, cXML, ebXML, GS1, and many more
  • Multiple transmission protocols, including FTP, SFTP, FTPS, AS2, ODETTE, File System, SOAP, MQSeries, OFTP, WebDAV, SMTP, and X400
  • Secure message transfer, including HTTPS, SFTP, and ANX VPNs
  • Peer-to-peer or VANs
  • Real-time document workflow monitoring
  • Rapid deployment of customer proprietary formats
  • SAP-certified business integration server

RF Terminals
We utilize high-performance industrial radio frequency-enabled mobile terminals/computers at all of our facilities. This allows us to access SAP ERP while mobile and monitor every aspect of our supply chain network in real time and with a high level of accuracy. Barcode data and RFID tags are a vital part of our operations.

RFID-Enabled Process
Almost all industrial sectors (aerospace, automotive, logistics, transport, health, life, etc.) now use RFID technologies. By implementing RFID automatic identification technology, we have been able to improve the accuracy of our operations by eliminating manual and duplicate data entries, barcode scans, and operator errors.

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