The history of Hollingsworth dates back to 1925, when the company E. L. Hollingsworth was founded in Flint, Michigan as one of the world’s first expeditors of automotive parts.

In 1987, Stephen Barr and family purchased E.L. Hollingsworth to build upon its reputation for providing excellence in logistics. Through a series of strategic mergers beginning in 1991, the company broadened its service capabilities and became nationally recognized as a certified minority business under the name Hollingsworth.

Today, Hollingsworth has emerged as a leading logistics provider to the manufacturing and distribution communities, with Mr. Stephen Barr proudly serving as chairman and CEO.

Hollingsworth is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. The facility is comprised of general and executive offices, including an additional 900,000 square feet of warehousing space. The complex has 49 shipping and/or receiving docks and a railside loading facility, and operates 24 hours per day and, as required, seven days per week.

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