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Hollingsworth specializes in supply chain management for fasteners

Hollingsworth specializes in small parts (fasteners) supply chain management and packaging for direct shipments to our customer’s dealers and PDC’s located throughout North America. With over 30 years of excellence in logistics, we have the expertise to support fastener management, from sourcing and receiving, to packaging and fulfillment.

We have both the network to meet our customers’ demands for fasteners, backed by a highly specialized and optimized system for order processing that can accommodate millions of components on a daily basis. Our service utilizes a fully integrated operating system supported by SAP.

Hollingsworth is capable of supporting the following key supply chain items:

  • Standard or Special Fasteners
  • Simple or Complex Components
  • High and Low Volume Parts, or hundreds of line items/SKU’s
  • Expedited and Emergency Orders
  • Elimination of Mixed Parts, Wrong Parts, Missed Operations, Bad Plating

Why Outsource Fastener Management

With the extreme level of detail associated with managing the fastener supply chain, manufacturers in automotive, electronics, transportation and aerospace must either maintain highly complex operations, or outsource to an expert partner. Outsourcing often results in more accurate, efficient and cost-effective outcomes because logistics partners are more specialized and have in-depth, optimized processes than manufacturers can support on their own. Outsourcing fastener management with Hollingsworth can result in some key advantages:

  • Reduce overhead costs significantly by outsourcing time-consuming picking activities
  • Take advantage of a curated network of parts suppliers
  • Improve the customer experience with reduced shipping times for national and international orders
  • Optimized shipping costs
  • Automation reduces the risk of human error, increases efficiency
  • Processes implemented by state-of-the-art technology

Advantages of Partnering with Hollingsworth

Hollingsworth’s Fastener Management services are tailored to each of our customer’s custom needs. Our customer-partners enjoy some unique elements that sets us apart in terms of fastener logistics and supply chain management:

  • Multi-year agreements with major OEM’s
  • Process and ship over 100 million pieces per year
  • 250+ customers
  • Inventory value of over $6 million
  • Inventory of over 40 million pieces
  • Total number of parts surpasses 20,000
  • 50,000 square feet of facilities

Our Vendor Managed Programs include:

  • Dedicated Central Office Team
  • Complete purchasing functions (RFQ and pricing negotiation) for current and past model parts
  • Hollingsworth’s inventory includes many past model parts that are required for service
  • Release and forecast management (MRP), supported by SAP
  • Dealer direct shipments (100% order consolidation and customized packaging)
  • Bulk shipments to PDCs US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and overseas
  • Dedicated shipping and receiving docks


Hollingsworth provides best-in-class fastener management to the automotive, aerospace, electronics and other industries where the supply chain is centralized around the accurate distribution of parts and components. Our lead-time standards are custom-designed to meet our customers’ unique requirements with complete quality management. Fastener management services cover:

  • Receiving inspection, comparison part vs. blueprint – critical dimensions
  • Rockwell hardness tests
  • Level 3 PPAP documentation for past model parts
  • Review and verification of manufacturer’s PSW for current production parts
  • Service supplier change (i.e. in the case that a current supplier goes out of business or refuses to manufacture part in lower quantities)

We add value to our customer’s bottom line by reducing the number of suppliers they have to manage. Hollingsworth is especially effective in managing multiple suppliers and coordinating activities that are often considered time consuming and inefficient.

Contact us to learn how a partnership with Hollingsworth will optimize your order and inventory management, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your business.

Call us at (877)-434-0001 or send us an email. You can also fill out our online contact form to tell us about your project needs.

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