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Supply Chain Solutions for Government Organizations

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Facilitating Efficiency in Fulfillment for Government Craft and Systems


Efficiency is a critical element that drives success for the agencies and organizations that serve the government with the manufacture and development of systems and machines. From the production of aircraft, ships, and combat vehicles to the development of electronics and technologies that will support advanced communications and analysis systems, success starts in the supply chain.

Hollingsworth’s Supply Chain Solutions for Government Organizations

For more than 30 years, Hollingsworth has delivered supply chain excellence for a wide range of industries, including electronics and automotive. This experience has allowed us to develop highly efficient, cost-effective fulfillment solutions that can benefit the companies serving the U.S. government with the development of military vehicles and support systems. Hollingsworth is an ideal partner for the storage, assembly, and delivery of complex products, machinery, and systems that support government initiatives.

Strategic storage is necessary to accommodate the constantly fluctuating demand for government products and systems. Hollingsworth’s warehousing services can support the secure storage of vehicles and other product inventory until it is required for deployment. Our approach is based on optimizing the fulfillment process: All inventory is strategically located for the most efficient tracking, access, and movement through the supply chain. We are also equipped to manage warehousing for sensitive and even confidential military and government systems to a high degree of security.

With our proven record of excellence in order fulfillment for a wide range of complex industries, Hollingsworth is an exemplary partner to facilitate successful fulfillment and distribution services. We track all inventory and parts, from combat vehicles to electronic components, using RFID to ensure instant tracking throughout the entire process, from the warehouse to the customer destination. RFID technology facilitates efficient and accurate fulfillment of government contract orders.

Since military encampments are often located in remote and/or harsh environments, appropriate packaging is a key factor in protecting sensitive electronic systems and expensive machine assets. From applying branding elements to preparing sensitive or delicate equipment and instruments for safe transportation, Hollingsworth’s packaging services include all of the necessary elements to finalize inventory for fulfillment. Our packaging processes involve both manual and robotic elements to maximize accuracy while managing costs for optimally effective operations.

When inventory rests in storage for extended periods of time, it puts a drag on overhead costs — even in warehouses with optimized inventory management protocols. Hollingsworth offers just-in-time (JIT) delivery services to reduce wasted inventory costs and increase the efficiency of government operations. Strategic coordination with our procurement partners supports prioritized order fulfillment so that we can accommodate rapid turnaround times in some cases. Our tactical approach in forecasting demand allows us to provide JIT delivery services that achieve the increased level of support that our government customers require.

Hygiene kits, combat gear, survival kits, and even aeronautic first aid kits are all examples of product kits that must be pre-assembled before shipping to the appropriate government or military institution for distribution to troops and other personnel. We’ve been putting our kitting services to the test for decades, and they have a proven record of precision, even when picking and packing large quantities of components.

Supply chain management for government agencies is sometimes very different and more complex than it is for other industries. Due to the occasionally confidential nature of military inventory and systems, extra facilitation may be necessary to ensure security while maximizing the efficiency of fulfillment. We customize our program management services to our customers, with skilled talent and strategic processes to effectively guide supply chain management.


From the latest advancements in technology to the development of improved defensive equipment or vehicle components, Hollingsworth’s network of partners helps us stay on top of the most current products, systems, and technologies for the benefit of our customers. At our founding in 1925, we were one of the world’s first expeditors of automotive parts. Since then, we have developed our procurement partnerships and expanded our network. We’re proud to support our government customers with access to the best equipment and tech.

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