Delivering integrated solutions

At Hollingsworth, we take pride in delivering integrated solutions.

Hollingsworth is a leading provider to manufacturing and distribution communities in the areas of fulfillment, distribution, packaging, assembly and sequencing, vendor managed inventory (VMI) and freight management

From inbound distribution & flexible warehousing to contract packaging & order fulfillment, we offer a full range of customized solutions geared towards supply chain optimization.

Employ these services with our best-in-class SAP technologies to streamline your operation and control supply chain costs.

Our Service Areas

From light assembly of electronic components to complex build-up of automotive modules, Hollingsworth offers best-in-class systems and processes to execute your most complex logistical challenges. By shifting the final assembly process further along the supply chain, our program management enables you to run inventory leaner and respond quicker to market demands.

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Decreased lead time on key systems and components
  • Freed-up inventory and production line space
  • Minimized storage space
Customized and scalable fulfillment offers customized SAP solutions that exceed the expectations of your customers. Using strategic distribution locations, reduced shipping rates and improved delivery time you can outperform the competition.

  • ERP Integration
  • Reporting and Inventory Visibility
  • Direct/Drop Ship Services
By taking control of your packaging requirements, Hollingsworth delivers cost-effective contract packaging solutions with industry-best accuracy and quality.

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Improve parts availability
  • Increase productivity and work throughput
  • Minimize storage space
Hollingsworth provides turnkey inventory and warehouse management solutions and adds value to our customers’ bottom line by reducing the number of suppliers they have to manage. We work to streamline the overall process by managing multiple suppliers and coordinating activities that are considered time consuming and inefficient.

  • Inventory Management
  • Infrastructure
Fastener distribution services was established in June 1998. Hollingsworth fastener distribution specializes in small parts supply chain management and packaging for direct shipments to our customer’s dealers and PDC’s located throughout North America.

Hollingsworth fastener distribution offers lot tracking, bar coding, order and shipment consolidation as well as the ability to prioritize urgent orders. Hollingsworth fastener distribution also provides a wide range of packaging services including service kit assembly; auto packaging and can accommodate bulk or unitized packaging.

Supporting the packaging activities are logistics support systems, Power Buyer which employs an automated follow-up module, vendor performance tracking integrated fax/e-mail, and executive information reporting. A.N.S.I. and UN- Edifact EDI transactions are supported. Hollingsworth fastener distribution utilizes a fully integrated operating system supported by SAP.

Partnering with Hollingsworth offers you the ability to focus on your customer needs, knowing your inventory levels are being effectively maintained. By providing the best possible service, our shared goal of satisfying the end customer is accomplished.

  • EDI Forecasting and planning
  • Increased processing speed
  • Improved quality
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