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Logos of the best healthcare subscription companies

New subscription box retailers are joining the market all of the time, drawn by the attractive margins and more reliable revenue stream from subscribed customers. The subscription model has also been adopted by some new as well as existing brands in the healthcare industry, providing a more convenient, exciting way for consumers to access medications and wellness products. The following are some of the top healthcare subscription services…

Bulu Box Logo

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The intent behind Bulu Box is to inspire healthier living. It arrives each month with samples of the best new vitamins and supplements, plus healthy snacks and other items that promote digestive health, immunity, sports nutrition and overall wellness. From the samples, subscribers can find their favorite products and buy the full-sized version. There’s a Weight Loss Box option as well, with fat burners, meal replacements and healthy snack alternatives. It’s only $10 per month, or as little as $8 per month for a six or 12-month subscription.

Caring Crate Logo

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This is the subscription service that facilitates self-care for those struggling with chronic illness or mental health issues. Caring Crate comes with everything from teas and mood-enhancing aromatherapy, to personal journals, sleep enhancers, and healthy snacks. Each box contains 4-5 items that are curated to improve mental and physical well-being. Monthly subscriptions are $39.99, with a discount for three and six month terms.

Monthly Gift Logo

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Making that ‘time of the month’ more manageable, LeParcel is the subscription service that sends its members the tampons, pads, and/or liners they need to get through a menstrual cycle. LeParcel has a period tracking app that helps identify exactly when its members need a shipment. The products are better, too, being ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and also completely free of Natural Rubber Latex, Pesticides and Herbicides. Customers get started by choosing their product, selecting their flow level, picking a product mix, and then prepay for a full year at $10 per cycle or go the cycle-to-cycle route for $13 per month/cycle.

Lotus Box Logo

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A prescription service for PMS, Lotus Box delivers a handful of items each month during the woman’s menstrual cycle, which are selected with the intent to comfort and uplift. Typical items include chocolate, nail polish, heating pads, tea, fuzzy socks, face masks, replacement panties, bath bombs, candles, scented soaps, art, and inspiration. The month-to-month subscription is $34.99, and a mini version is available for $15 per month (Lotus Box Lite). Subscribers can prepay for three, six and 12 months for a discount.

Men's Health Logo

Company valuation: 

Combining the three-pronged focus of the magazine, the Men’s Health Box delivers a quarterly/seasonal subscription box with items to facilitate men’s fitness, nutrition and style. There are items for grooming and hygiene, in addition to healthy snacks and muscle-building fitness products and stylish men’s accessories. The value of the contents in each box is $150+, but subscribers pay just $89.99 ($359.96 for the full year).

The Pill Club Logo

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Monthly birth control pills are automatically shipped to the customer with a subscription to The Pill Club. Each delivery comes with chocolate, plus sample gift items. And, it’s not just the pill; TPC also offers the patch and the ring versions of birth control. The Pill Club can accommodate any scenario, whether members have an existing birth control prescription or need a new one, and whether or not they have insurance.

The PMS Package Logo

Company valuation: 

The PMS Package subscription is exactly that, a package delivered each month filled with feminine care products, plus snacks and other surprise items to ease PMS symptoms and pamper. The PMS Package is also synced to deliver on subscribers’ cycle dates. Boxes have included tampons and liners in addition to candles, cucumber eye pads, chocolate, body butter, Advil, and feminine wipes. A month-to-month subscription is $34.99, with discounts for prepaying for three, six or 12 months.

Ritual Logo

Company valuation: 

Ritual is a monthly subscription for multivitamins for women. The supplement contains nine essential nutrients that women commonly lack, to improve energy and skin health as well as having anti-aging benefits. The vitamins’ ingredients are open source, non-GMO, vegan, gluten and soy free, and don’t contain any synthetic fillers or colorants. It’s $30 per month for 60 capsules (a 1-month supply).

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