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Subscription box retail is a growing craze in the industry that shows no signs of slowing down. From apparel and even meals, subscription boxes make life more convenient for the everyday consumer, exchanging shopping time for a recurring delivery of exciting and sometimes exclusive products. It’s so prevalent that now sites like CrateJoy have aggregated all kinds of subscription e-tailers on one marketplace so that consumers can search or browse for ones that appeal to them.

It works because the retailers can capitalize on their network and wholesale pricing, delivering subscription boxes at an affordable rate to their customers. But subscription e-tailing also puts significant pressure on the retailer’s supply chain; these curated packages require an added layer of complication when it comes to accuracy and efficiency in the process of picking and packing the boxes.

Some major retailers who already have the supply chain management to successfully handle subscription e-tail have jumped on board with the craze: Target, WalMart, New York & Co., Ann Taylor, Gap, Old Navy, J.C. Penney and Under Armour.

Meanwhile, dozens of others are experiencing widespread success for offering a unique and curated experience in subscription box e-tail. Here are the top 30 best subscription e-tailers in the industry today…

Apparel & Accessories

Stitch Fix Logo

Company valuation: $2 billion

As the most popular apparel subscription retailer in the U.S., Stitch Fix customers create their profile, complete with preferences for style, size and price, and then get five pieces of clothing delivered to them. They keep and buy what they like, and send back the rest – all with free shipping both ways. Set up automatic subscription shipments, or order on demand. There is a $20 styling fee per fix, but it’s applied to anything purchased. Product prices range from $20 – $400.

Trunk Club Logo

Company valuation: $150 million

As a very similar service to Stitch Fix, Trunk Club offers the same stylist-selected subscription box for a $25 styling fee that’s applied to any items purchased. You can order a trunk whenever you’d like, monthly, quarterly, or on-demand. Their value-add is that they carry many of the favorite brands found at Nordstrom, since it’s a subscription service through that retailer. They also offer a custom clothing service for men.

Gwynnie Bee Logo

Company valuation: $200 million est.

Unlike Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, Gwynnie Bee allows its subscribers to wear clothes before sending them back, instead of just trying them on. Items can be kept and purchased as well. The subscription is $69 per month.

Frank and Oak Logo

Company valuation: $30 million est. 

Their monthly subscription service that’s relatively new. Customers select from a basic list of styles, choose their sizes, and set a budget of $150 and above or below (for the value in the box). Like with Stitch Fix, customers only pay for the items they keep.

Five Four Club Logo

Company valuation: $100 million

Under the Menlo House brand, the Five Four Club is changing the way men shop by curated packages containing items from three select brands: Five Four, Grand AC, and New Republic. Each month, the subscriber receives two items for $60/month, and they receive membership status so that they can take advantage of members-only pricing from Menlo House.

Sock Work Logo

Company valuation: $120 million est.

As a subscription service for socks and underwear, Sock Work has options for a monthly delivery of one pair each of socks and underwear, or a socks-only subscription for two pairs of ladies socks or one pair each of his and hers socks. Customers pick their size and style, from fun to professional or a mix of the two. Then they must select their subscription term at $20 per month, with discounts for pre-paying for a six or 12-month period. Also, 10 percent of the profits are donated to a different veteran charity each month.

Sweat Style Logo

Company valuation: $20 million est.

SweatStyle is an apparel subscription for fitness and workout clothing. The setup process requires the consumer to enter their workout types, style preferences and sizes, then choose ship dates and frequency of deliveries (monthly, every other month, every three months or on demand). Like with many other apparel e-tailers on this list, subscribers get to try on the items and only pay for what they keep. Subscribers are charged $25 per box, which is applied to any purchases made.

Runner Crate Logo

Company valuation: less than $2.5 million est.

The subscription for runners, Runner Crate is a monthly delivery of running gear, healthy snacks, and challenges to supplement the activity. Subscribers sign up with their sizes and gender, then select the length of their subscription. Boxes cost $49.99 on a month-to-month plan, with discounts for pre-paying (25 percent for pre-paying 12 months). Runner Crate offers a Mini-Mystery Runner Crate for $18, which contains 4-5 items to give an idea of what the experience will be like.

Bath & Beauty

Birch Box Logo

Company valuation: $140 million est.

Subscribers share their skin tone, hair type and styles to get five beauty samples delivered to them on a monthly basis for $10/month. They can choose to pay monthly as well, or pay up front for three- or six-month packages.

Dollar Shave Club Logo

Company valuation: $1 billion

One of the earlier subscription e-tailers to become a household name, Dollar Shave Club is the shaving supply subscription service for men. They offer twin, 4- and 6-blade options – the first shipment is the razor, which is followed by a monthly delivery of replacement cartridges for $3, $6, or $9 depending on the blade choice. Customers can also customize their delivery schedule and order additional premium men’s hygiene products.

Fab Fit Fun Logo

Company valuation: ($100 million est.)

The subscription service for women that combines fashion, fitness, beauty and wellness. FabFitFun ships a new box each season, containing a variety of hand-picked products that value approximately $200 in retail value. The cost for subscribers who pay annually is $179.99, while seasonal subscribers pay $49.99 per season/box. New members can try a starter box with fewer items for just $19.99. Past boxes have included items like a clutch/tote, eyeshadow palette, bath bombs, candles, and jewelry.

Scent Bird Logo

Company valuation: $60 million est.

Women who want to try new scents or wear different scents depending on how they feel will love Scentbird, a subscription service that delivers a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance for $14.95 per month. Customers get to select from over 450 different fragrances in Scentbird’s collection, which comes in a 8ml travel-friendly spray tube. Scentbird is also available to men, with more than 150 colognes to choose from.

Beauteque Monthly Logo

Company valuation: $2.5 million est.

Beauty addicts get to choose between two beauty product subscriptions with Beauteque Monthly: the Beauty Box with six Asian beauty products or Mask Maven box with nine different masks and patches for lips/eyes. Beauty Boxes are $24 per month and Mask Maven boxes are $15 per month, but subscriptions to both boxes can be pre-purchased for up to $2 less per month.

Harry's Logo

Company valuation: $500 million est.

The other razor and shaving club for men, Harry’s service starts with an $8 trial set that includes a Truman Razor with a blade and foaming shave gel which will last about two weeks, plus a travel blade cover. Customers can choose to reorder just the blades, or blades and gel and then set their frequency based on how often they shave. Shaving supplies, skincare and accessories are also available for purchase.

Lifestyle & Travel

My Geek Box Logo

Company valuation: $8.5 million est.

For all of the geeks out there, My Geek Box includes apparel, toys and swag featuring the stuff of sci-fi and fantasy. They ship subscribers a monthly mystery box that always includes a limited edition t-shirt, plus 4-7 geeky collectibles with $40+ in retail value. Plans are $16.99 – $19.99 per month, depending on the length of subscription (best deal on the 12-month plan).

Escape the Crate Logo

Company valuation: $2.5 million est.

Presented as a mission in which participants ‘time-travel’, each box arrives with clues and necessary objects to help the group solve a mystery or stop a disaster (from back in time) from happening. There’s no real danger of course, but the fun of solving a puzzle with family or friends is unbeatable. The best part? The cost of the crate is about the same as a single person’s entry to an in-person escape room. Crates ship every other month, and cost $29.99 each (price is reduced if you pre-pay for 2 or 3 crates, which is 4 or 6 months, respectively).

Cloth & Paper Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

For those who love organizing, Cloth & Paper offers two subscription options, one for paper lovers and another for pen lovers. Next, they select their plan for one, three, six or 12 months. Stationary (paper lovers) boxes are $38 each or less for longer subscription terms, while pen boxes are $18 per month or less. Each box includes 4-6 items.

Ivory Clasp Logo

Company valuation: $2 million est.

Quality, on-trend handbags are delivered either monthly or quarterly to subscribers of Ivory Clasp, a subscription service that also styles its selections to its members, but with handbags instead of clothing. It costs $49 regardless of whether the frequency is monthly or quarterly.

Quirky Crate Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

The subscription for all things unique. Quirky Crate is just that, a box of 6-9 quirky and hard-to-find items and accessories such as stationery and desk stuff, socks, knick-knacks, mugs, stickers and more for $34.99 per month. Discounts are offered for prepaying for three, six or 12 months, and the “Quirky Post” box is a one-month trial of fewer sample items for $12.95.

Globe In Logo

Company valuation: $25 million est.

Delivering a hint of travel each month, GlobeIn is a subscription of highly curated, artisan-made products from around the world. The difference with GlobeIn is that the customer gets to customize their own shipment from a curated selection. The Premium subscription includes 4-5 handmade items (valued at at least $70). The Essential subscription is $10 per month for a credit toward unique add-on products that the customer can purchase for exclusive member pricing, or the subscriber can opt to receive the surprise item of the month, instead.

The Monthly Burn Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

The subscription service for candle-lovers! The Monthly Burn is a service that sends subscribers one or two 8-ounce candles each month for $18.99/month or $27.99/month, respectively. Candles are always a surprise scent crafted by The Monthly Burn. Each box comes with a set of matches as well as a mini air plant that’s included to encourage customers to recycle the candle jar after it’s used up. Subscribers can get a discount by prepaying for 3- or 6-month subscriptions.

Hygge Box Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

Handpicked from around the world to inspire and evoke happiness, the items in Hygge Box are curated around the Danish lifestyle of coziness, happiness and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Subscribers choose from the Standard (4-5 items) or Deluxe boxes (5-6 items), which contain items with elements of light, hot drink and sweet indulgence. The Standard subscription is $28/month and the Deluxe is $39.95/month, with discounts for prepaying for 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions.

Reading & Learning

The Worldly Traveler Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

The Wordy Traveler is a quarterly book club subscription that’s much more than just books. The primary subscription includes three curated books about an amazing destination, plus an ethically sourced tea and custom art print for $109.99. The Backpacking edition includes all of that, but just one book instead of three for $49.99. A kids’ edition is also available which includes 4-6 books, plus activities and/or games for $60. Discounts are available when subscribers prepay for two or four quarters.

My Book Box Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

As a new kind of book-of-the-month club experience, MyBookBox subscribers choose their preferred genres (including childrens and young adult in addition to popular genres for adults) and receive two books each month, plus a special surprise. The books are always new releases, but if the subscriber already owns a book in the box, they can exchange it within 3 days. Month to month plans are $39.95 per month, and 3-month and 6-month renewals are discounted with prepay.

My First Reading Club Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

Founded with the intent to encourage literacy and a passion for reading with kids, My First Reading Club delivers three curated and age-appropriate books for the child, plus a special gift for the parent. Month-to-Month plans are $26.99, or as little as $19.99 when prepaid for the year (3- and 6-month prepayment options are also available).

Kiwi Co Logo

Company valuation: $12 million est.

Inspiring kids to see themselves as scientists, creators and innovators, KiwiCo is a subscription service for kids, sending age-appropriate projects that make learning about STEAM fun. It comes with projects that build kids’ creative confidence. Parents select their child’s age and subscription length, from $19.95 for monthly delivery, down to $16.95 when they prepay for a 12-month subscription.

Hoppi Box Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

Tailored to the baby’s age and developmental milestones, Hoppi Box is a quarterly subscription for high-quality toys and games. The boxes have 3-5 toys that help inspire learning through play. Hoppi Box is $75 per quarter, or just $66 per quarter with annual prepay.

Surprise Ride Logo

Company valuation: $2.5 million

Developed to get kids outside and active instead of sitting in front of a screen, Surprise Ride is a monthly kit addressed in the child’s name that is full of hours of ‘unplugged’ learning and fun. Subscribers can buy kits one by one, or purchase a bundle of kits. Kits are things like designing a superhero cape, making monster slime, painting a birdhouse, and more. Each one contains all project supplies, a reading book, a keepsake, simple step-by-step photo instructions. Kits are $25.95 and the complete Digital Detox Collection contains all nine kits for $219.95.


Bark Box Logo

Company valuation: $150-200 million

Man’s best friend hasn’t been forgotten in the subscription etailing craze! BarkBox is a subscription service for dogs that contains at least two innovative toys, two bags of all-natural treats, and a chew. It’s $29 per month (valued at over $40), with reduced pricing when prepaid for six or 12 months. Subscribers can add a premium toy to the box for $9 extra per box.

Cat Lady Logo

Company valuation: (Company Valuation Not Available)

The subscription service for cats (but mostly their human moms) is CatLadyBox, which arrives full of cat-themed shirts, jewelry, home decor, accessories, art, and more. The basic box starts at $34.99 and contains 2-3 items for the cat lady, while the Crazy Cat Lady box has those items plus two for cats at $39.99 per month. Subscribers can prepay for three or six months for a discount.

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