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Effective fulfillment services often require strategic management of personnel in addition to products and process. In a recent case, one of our clients in San Luis Potosí, Mexico had an emergency need for additional forklift drivers to fulfill some immediate order requirements.

Hollingsworth was able to respond rapidly, deploying a team within days to fulfill a mission-critical service for our client. This was an especially tricky situation due to the tight labor market in San Luis Potosí, which is aggravated by a multitude of new companies entering the city and growing their workforces.

When our client informed us that they had an emergency need for help and couldn’t fulfill some immediate requirements because one of their suppliers was unable to keep up with their demands, we stepped in to help! Our presence in Mexico allowed us to provide approximately 40 forklift drivers to help them launch a third shift in order to fulfill their severe need.

This is a great example of how Hollingsworth’s dedication to customer service helps our clients succeed! We have the flexibility required to react quickly and effectively to our customers’ needs.

Hollingsworth has offices in Mexico City/Santa Fe, with managers stationed in Saltillo, Silao, and also Mexico City to help direct Supply and Value Chain services in special emergency cases such as this.

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