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Hollingsworth announces the opening of a new facility for the provision of sub-assembly, light manufacturing, sequencing and production logistics services in Warren, Michigan.
The facility, which will launch in early September, involves an expanded manufacturing and assembly operation for several Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive manufacturers in the greater Detroit, Michigan area. This facility is over 295,000 SF and will house 100 logistics and manufacturing professionals.
Hollingsworth partners with some of the largest companies in the world to provide services such as packaging, kitting, sequencing and assembly, warehousing and distribution of goods and reverse logistics processing. Hollingsworth is proud to drive value to these customers through optimized processes and the deployment of Hollingsworth’s robust SAP WMS platform.
Haiden Smith, Hollingsworth Vice President, Sales and Marketing commented: “Hollingsworth is proud to invest and grow with current satisfied customers while creating capacity for new customers to serve, adding the new Warren, Michigan Facility to our eleven other facilities in the greater Detroit area. We are extremely excited to be investing further in Detroit and being an integral part of future models rolling off the Motor City’s production lines”.

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