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Advancements in technology and process have impacted the supply chain management and logistics industry in big ways. With RFID facilitating the improved tracking of items as they move through the supply chain and automation radically improving the efficiency and speed of order fulfillment, there are constantly new developments in SCM.

The persistent changes in technology and process within the industry are often difficult to keep track of, particularly with the sheer amount and the wide range of applications for new tools and systems. There are several industry websites, online magazines and blogs that track the latest in supply chain news to make it easier to digest.

Top 12 SCM News Websites to Follow

Inbound Logistics

From the impact of technology on trucking, to how Walmart is transforming its supply chain, Inbound Logistics is one of the leading websites for all things involving a supply chain and logistics in general. The news site offers daily news on what’s happening and what’s new in supply chain, logistics, and transportation solutions and services. It’s also an excellent resource for the top providers of key segments of services within the supply chain industry.

Inbound Logistics Website scm and logistics news and resources

Supply Chain Digital

Like Inbound Logistics, Supply Chain Digital is one of the more resourceful news sites for the latest developments in SCM/logistics, warehousing, procurement, distribution, and how technology is impacting all of them. Whether it’s discussing how the shift toward online retail is impacting the demand for warehouse space, or announcing that USPS is giving autonomous trucks a trial run, Supply Chain Digital has some interesting topics regarding the industry.

Screenshot of Supply Chain Digital Website

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Supply Chain Brain

Structured to be a comprehensive SCM information resource for the high-level logistics executive, Supply Chain Brain covers a variety of supply chain principles, trends, strategies and best practices. The site focuses on articles to help managers manage risk, achieve a competitive advantage, balance customer needs with cost control, improve the bottom line, and align their supply chain with corporate planning. There are videos about how manufacturers are affected by e-commerce and helpful articles such as how to avoid the hidden costs in shipping.

Supply Chain Brain Website - blog and resource

Supply Chain Management Review

The bigger picture of the supply chain industry is the primary theme for the Supply Chain Management Review, which features articles such as “Accelerating Supply Chains for a Post-Global World” and the top 25 supply chain rankings this year according to Gartner. It’s another informative resource to add to your list of favorite SCM news sites.

Supply Chain Management Review Resource Website

Logistics Management

With more of a focus on shipping and transportation, Logistics Management is an excellent website for keeping track of what’s happening around the world in shipping. From general news such as the increase in waterborne shipments in the U.S., to the announcement of a new renewable natural gas deal between UPS and Clean Energy, you can get a good picture of how the landscape of shipping is looking.

Screenshot of Logistics Management Website

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Supply Chain 24/7

One of the most popular news sites for the logistics industry is SupplyChain24/7, which has an emphasis on technology in SCM. The media site publishes emerging technology as well as discussing how software impacts different parts of the supply chain, such as transportation. There are also timely news articles, such as how the current trade war with China is impacting supply chains for major retailers.

Supply Chain 24/7 Website - blog and resource

SCM articles are sometimes featured, but DCVelocity’s primary focus is on the transportation and shipping aspects of the logistics process. You can find supply chain management topics about freight transportation, direct-to-consumer shipping, and industry business news such as Manhattan Associates’ addition of RFID inventory tracking for their fulfillment software.

DC Velocity Website Retail News and Resources

Green Supply Chain Network

Sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and other topics are the theme for most of the articles published on the Green Supply Chain Network. The news site has features on sustainable packaging, the hidden costs of plastic for the planet, and how supply chains can prepare for a green future, as well as other topics such as how wireless connectivity is facilitating IoT solutions for IBM.

Green Supply Chain Network Website

Innovation Enterprise

Big data, automation, and digitally-enabled supply chains are some of the topics featured in the Supply Chain channel on Innovation Enterprise, a news site that publishes news about data in the Healthcare, Finance, Digital & Marketing, HR & Workforce industries as well as Logistics. Automation and data visualization benefits for SCM are some of the most prevalent topics.

Innovation Enterprise Website supply chain and logistics resources and news

Spend Matters

Procurement news and solutions are the focus of Spend Matters, one of a network of national news sites for SCM and other industries. The website covers relevant news like Target’s massive cuts in fulfillment costs for same-day offerings, as well as more informative articles such as “The Evolving Power in Spend Visibility”.

Screenshot of Spend Matters Website

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Electronics Purchasing Strategies

EPS News is centered on electronics purchasing and the supply chain, highlighting industry news, tips and how-to’s, and top lists such as the “Top 10 Power Supply Manufacturers” and the “Top 20 Electronics Supply Chain Myths”. Their articles have covered concepts like supply chain planning to drive value, tips for sourcing box build services, where foreign direct investment is going.

EPS News Website supply chain and retail news and resources

Logistics Viewpoints

In addition to publishing helpful weekly round-ups of the latest logistics news, Logistics Viewpoints covers a wide range of SCM and logistics topics including inventory optimization for omnichannel success, supply chain improvement tactics, and how to establish a lasting partnership with your SaaS vendors.

Logistics Viewpoints Website - supply chain resources and news

Top 5 Supply Chain Management Blogs to Follow


Logistics and supply chain trends, news and developments are all covered on LogisticsMatter, a blog by Martijn Graat. Martijn and his guest bloggers write about things brokers and carriers need to consider in the transportation sector, e-commerce returns rates in Europe, warehousing and the sharing economy, and other topics that are a little bit off the beaten path, but still very relevant to SCM and logistics.

Logistics Matter Website news and resources

Supply Chain Shaman

Lora Cecere is the Supply Chain Shaman, and also the Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, a research firm for the industry. Her Supply Chain Shaman blog largely highlights applications at the enterprise level that can drive excellence in the supply chain. Recent topics include the next evolution in supply chain planning and how companies are actually moving backwards vs. forward on S&OP maturity.

Screenshot of Supply Chain Shaman Website

Kinaxis Blog

In addition to supply chain news and resources such as e-books on supply chain planning for effectiveness, Kinaxis Blog does several articles each month that highlight leaders and businesses in the industry as they achieve milestones or overcome and/or present SCM challenges.

Kinaxis Website supply chain and logistics resources and news


If you want consistent industry tips and resources direct from an industry professional, the SCMDojo blog is a perfect fit. The blog features top books to read, important leadership tactics in SCM, forecasting methods, costs to watch out for, etc.

SCM Dojo Website supply chain resources and news

Retail Dive

Although it primarily focuses on the retail industry, Retail Dive is an online publication that sometimes touches on aspects of e-commerce fulfillment as well. For example, discussing the impact of sustainability on the retail landscape and how efforts for sustainable practices are affecting the retail supply chain.

Screenshot of Retail Dive Website

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While it doesn’t really qualify as a supply chain news site, SupplyChainOpz is a helpful resource for lists of the top books about operations management, inventory management, and more. Their list of the “10 Best Supply Chain Management Books of All Time” is particularly useful.

Another resource for leaders in supply chain management is 12Manage, which has a comprehensive A-Z list of essentially all methods, models and theories for Supply Chain and Quality Management.

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